A 14-year-old boy from Mombasa has come up with a way to solve the technology hitches that gave the IEBC headaches during the past elections. Ahmed Lukman developed a Voting App, which makes it possible for Kenyans to vote from wherever they are, using their phones.

But how does it identify a voter to allow them to choose their preferred leaders? The app uses fingerprint recognition and identification number to identify prospective voters. It also enables the voter to see real-time tallying of results for every candidate.

Teenager creates voting app

Image: Nairobi News

Lukman is a Form One student at the Aga Khan High School. He believes his app will revolutionize the way elections are conducted in future.

While presenting his app at the Tech Kidz Expo 2017 held in Mombasa on Monday, he said;

I am showcasing the Voting App. This application will help people vote from wherever they are. It will curb rigging and reduce time and energy used in the voting process.

When you log into the app, it welcomes you with an interface that has tabs for candidates lists, voter information, polling station and the election date. A candidates list for every single position from Governor to MCA is also available.

If you select President, for example, it displays a list of all the candidates vying for the top seat plus the number of votes each one has received so far at that particular time.

The boy has great dreams too. He laid them out, saying;

After my high school, I want to go and work at the Silicon Valley. It is my dream. I would also be very happy if I meet Bill Gates.