Noti Flow the effervescent talent that can both sing and act is one lady that keeps on amazing us. From her excellent rap skills to her acting and performing on Nairobi Diaries she lights the stage.

Now she has come out to dispel any rumours that she wasn’t dating the Colonel by posting some very clear evidence on social media. For those of you who actually cared enough whether she was or she wasn’t.

lovely notiflow sitting down

The petite actress has come out with definitive proof that she and Moustapha are an item. Don’t forget that Moustapha had earlier on denied that he was dating the Noti Flow and said that their relationship was purely professional.

From the translation of the caption from Kiswahili to English you can see how much love Noti Flow has for him. Again I ask is this a publicity stunt cause Mustapha doesn’t look as enamored with her as she is with him. But what do I know anyway?

I think that with this clear photographic evidence we can now clearly be the judges or is it just a publicity stunt? Here are the photos: