In Summary

  • Have you often wondered what your boss is trying to communicate by doing some things differently and treating you differently at the work place?
Here’s how to tell if your boss likes you at the work place

Here’s how to tell if your boss likes you at the work place and the subtle things he/she has been doing to communicate that.

 You get frequent feedback and positive criticism: When you notice that from time to time your boss is always pointing out some of the ways you can be better at what you, this is a sign.

This also means that the boss respects you enough to give you the pointers knowing that you are mature enough to take this positively.

Keep your head high and correct the things they point out for you.

New challenges are thrown at you: This is a good thing! Whenever new challenges are thrown at you, it could mean you are given new ways to outdo yourself each time.

It may look as though they are out to overwhelm you, but look at it as a way to make yourself indispensable at the work place.

They respect you:  You can tell that your boss values your opinion and takes note of the issues you raise. This is another sign that they like you.

Don’t wait for the obvious signs like when he/she invites you for a drink to tell that in deed there is something in there.

They will tell you of the company’s huge projects, and ask for your opinions on the same.

Your in trays keep piling up:  This also shows that you are trusted by your boss on many matters besides what your job description says.

It is a good sign when responsibilities keep increasing.

Try your best to deliver and do quality work while at it and who knows, they might just be polishing you for the next promotion that’s opening up.