Dating can be daunting. Especially on the first dates. I compiled a list of the don’ts that you shouldn’t do especially if it’s your first date:

Don’t: Show Up Stressed
You may have had a rough day (aka your boss asked you to do 5 million things right as you were leaving), but negative energy is the last thing you need when you’re giving off a first impression. Push it aside for now, and vent all you want about your annoying boss to your BFF later.

Don’t: Arrive More Than 10 Minutes Late 
Keep it to a fashionable five minutes and under. Otherwise, you might spark some panic in your date (Is she coming? Did she see me and take off?), which might set the mood for the rest of the date.

Don’t: Make Too Many Self-Deprecating Statements
When things feel awkward, it’s easy to fall into a hole of making fun of yourself. Be on the side of being more confident than being the butt of your own blonde joke.

Don’t: Talk About Dating Disasters
it’s just kind of a buzz kill. Share all the hilarious stories you want with your work buds but not with him\her. Things might start hitting too close to home and winds up making him|her feel self-conscious.

Don’t: Drink Too much
if you know your high-functioning buzz devolves into sloppy drunk at three glasses of wine, then go slow. Waking up and remembering you told your date about your Diva Cup never feels great.

Don’t: Avoid All Contact If It Didn’t Go Well
So he took a call from his mother—twice—during appetizers. While ghosting seems like an appealing option, you never know when you’ll run into him again. Even if it feels like overkill, send an honest text the morning after a date. He’ll appreciate your maturity, and if he doesn’t, at least you can feel good about the way you left things.