Popular radio queen Tina Kaggia has been a household name for the past few weeks after she shared her harrowing story of her bitter breakup with JB Masanduku.
The mother of three explained that her husband neglected his family and would go on drinking sprees during the course of their rocky marriage.
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Tina has narrated in details how she had to turn to a therapist to quell her suicidal thoughts and severe depression during and after her divorce.
The presenter was spotted in church on Sunday, December 3 in deep emotional pain as she cried her eyes out trying to battle her frustrations.
According to a congregant who attended the same church, the overwhelmed presenter looked deeply troubled as she shared her recent battle with addiction and depression.
Tina has never hid from her scars and has on many occasions asked her fans to brave out their stormy relationships and own their pain. On her Instagram account, Tina asked her followers not to be afraid of their mistakes and advised them to move past their past wrongdoings.