Love and hip-hop star Sophia body in an interview accused Beyoncé of sleeping her way to the top during the mega stardom. Sophia had no evidence or backup on whatever she said about Beyoncé


Sophia claims she’s found success (umm, as what?!) by not bedding people in the music industry. “It works better if you f**k. Everybody f**ks to get to the top…Even Beyoncé did it, Madonna. But you have to own that s**t. But for me personally, I’ve got mad s**t without doing that.” How dare she!!!!

Beyoncé has been known for working real hard in the music industry nearly all of her life. She started as a teen with destiny’s child and ended up as a the accusation from Sophia was the worst insult. People on twitter seemed not to agree on the accusation made toward Beyoncé and others went ahead to say Sophia body has fucked almost everyone at love and hip hop and has gained nothing.