Chief Justice David Maraga has spoken against continued attacks on the Judiciary ever since annulling the presidential election on September 1.

Maraga noted that the attacks have become more aggressive with protests being staged outside the Supreme Court on Monday and Tuesday.

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Chief Justice David Maraga (PHOTO/NATION)

Speaking on behalf of the Judiciary, the CJ pointed out that the demonstrations ‘bordered on violence’ and were meant to intimidate the said arm of government as well as individual judges.

Maraga also noted that Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet ignored calls to act hence exposing judicial officers who have been ‘attacked, threatened and negatively profiled on social media’ to danger.

The CJ also said that should anything happen to the judges or members of their families, people making the inciting comments will be held responsible.

He has called for Kenyans to stand for the independence of the Judiciary noting that ‘they will never agree to work in accordance to the whims and desires of the executive and parliament.’