Responding to Hamisa’s insults, Zari wrote “Better a successful old pornstar who he (Diamond) wants than a 2 time young rejected award-winning baby mama at 20+ #sidefool aka clown of the year. All that voodoo is washing away and he is coming back to his senses.”

play Zari and Diamond (Instagram)


Well according to Hamisa it is she who rejected Diamond and not the other way round. Apparently, when she was pregnant with her son Dylan, Diamond got down on one knee and proposed as according to his religion he is allowed to have at most 4 wives.

Hamisa however temporarily rejected the proposal as she felt that Diamond had a lot of drama going on in his life and she didn’t want to be dragged into his mess.

I rejected Diamond’s proposal – Hamisa (Instagram)


“Diamond has already asked for my hand in marriage even when I was pregnant. But he had a lot of things on his plate and so I told him ‘You need to fix them first before trying to get me into more mess.” She disclosed to UBC TV.

The petite beauty expressed that she is still open to marrying Diamond. “We don’t know what the future holds.” She said.

Hamisa has in the past expressed that her son with Diamond was conceived out of love.

In addition, Hamisa disclosed that she got the Toyota RAV4 not because she was pregnant but because Diamond was in love with her at the time so he gifted her with the car out of love and not out of responsibility. And the 70, 000 TZS were given out of love as the kid was not yet born