Diana Marua and Bahati tied the note last week in a traditional ceremony that caught many by surprise. Was it really? The two had been dating for two years before they got married. The invite-only ceremony was held at Diana Marua’s family home in Komarock ahead of a grand church wedding.

Bahati and Diana Marua wedding ceremony
From L to R Diana Marua, Bahati. photo credit: Instagram/ bahati

Speaking to the Pulse, she got into the nitty-gritty about her relationship with Bahati because that is the only thing that she is truly famous for. Gadem! I am on some hate today! Forgive me. When asked about the nature of her traditional wedding ceremony she responded:

“First of all, we feel so as we could not invite all our friends as this was largely a family affair. We only had our close associates and a small bridal team that comprised of very close friends.”

When asked about how she first new that Bahati would be her bahati in love( bad pun I know), she said:

“You get to know people through their characters. We connected in such a natural way and I could tell that this was leading to something but I wasn’t sure what it was till he popped the question. In short, I love Bahati to the bone.”

What about the stark age difference that gets Africans tongues wagging, she was very candid:

“Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. Back then, some people said things that were cruel but we are over that and it is none of our concern now. I mean, we have been together for almost two years now having gone through the different faces of friendship, dating and now marriage. We always put it out there everything we want people to know. What they make of it is their choice.”

Now for the part you have all been waiting for in the interview, what about her rumoured pregnancy. She was very coy, refusing to answer the question with a response that was very much in the vain of wait and see. She added:

“Like I have said, there has been a lot of rumours about that and many other things. Besides, babies are a blessing from God…Since no one can hide a pregnancy, let’s wait and see.”