10 points on Why Donald Trump will be shot.
History says presidents who have been on collision course with a cohesive state apparatus and the national establishments have ended up being killed.
1. President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated for endorsing a ban on slavery ahead of its historical moment. He banned slavery to free labor so that it could engage in emerging factories and industries in the US. Land owners, being the rulers then and in control of the state assassinated Abraham to preserve the status quo. Lincoln fought against a cohesive US State apparatus and national political establishment just like Trump.

  1. Donald Trump rode on a racist platform and a rejection of the entire status quo. He has promised to dismantle the architecture of the US establishment, worse, still rework the world political order in a manner that upsets the American bourgeois and the international economic regime.
  2. Circumstances surrounding John F Kennedy’s assassination is further proof of where Trump is headed. Kennedy embraced the Civil Right s movement pitting himself against the entire racist establishment. Under him the propertied were headed to reviewing black people salaries over and above political freedoms. He, the individual, clashed with the establishment. They expunged the ‘virus’ to preserve their body politic. They shot him dead.
  3. Ronald Reagan (1980-88) was shot but recovered. Like trump his background was gambling and riches without clear political definition. His ultra-capitalist inclination with a militaristic international relations policy clearly earned him a bullet.
  4. Patrice Lumumba’s Congo (1960) provides an African classic in this regard. The masses supported Lumumba a socialist revolutionary, but the emerging graduates of colonial education and the privileged collaborators allied with the colonial state assassinated him. To this day, the colonial state matches on after Lumumba’s remains were liquefied in sulfuric acid.
  5. Captain Thomas Sankara (1983-86) of Burkina Faso. It was reported in the media that when Sankara took power on a socialist revolutionary platform “Mercedes Benzes disappeared.” A new thrifty regime had set in. He even refused to attend an OAU meeting and deployed the money towards digging boreholes for his people. The political mafia of Burkina Faso commandeered a counter coup, killing him and his eleven ministers.
  6. President Silvano Allende of Chile (1971) walked the same path. He pushed for reforms that sought to satisfy the dreams of the downtrodden of Chile after a grassroots political movement that gave him a win against the establishment. Intact and united as a ruling class, they killed him when he attempted to dismantle the instruments of the state.
  7. Where success has been registered, deposed leaders of the establishment under attack have been exterminated as a measure to achieve political stability. Former President Jerry Rawlings takeover provides a perfect illustration. Rawlings lined up all the political representatives of the system and the state apparatus shot them. That is what earned him 20 years reign in power. I doubt if Trump has such an option.
    9. President Paul Kagame of Rwanda (1994) provides another paradigm in power takeover. The RPF, which he led, engaged the entire establishment with a view to provide a shift in ideological leadership of Rwanda. The movement did not ascend to the helm of the establishment as it then was, like Donald Trump has done. Instead they decided to crash the state physically and create a new state apparatus directly under their command. Deaths occurred on the other side of the divide. Hundreds of the former high ranking officials of the pre-Kagame Rwanda are scattered all over the world, living in the valleys of the shadow of death, still being hunted down.
  8. Trump’s situation is even worse because his agenda does not only pit him against his local establishment; he also seeks to re-order the world in accordance with his myopic whims. He promised to lift restrictions on nuclear proliferation and cancel climate change agreements. These should remind us of the fascistic duo of the last century and how they died: Adolf Hitler of Germany and Mussolini of Italy. There are only two options presenting themselves in the Trump situation: He will be killed or he will be killed.