When the weather gets cold, we reach for items like soup or tea to keep us warm.I have a list of drinks that  might help you fight cold these season.


Coffee has lots of caffeine that steams up your body and heightens your metabolism making you warm. Whether it’s cold or hot, it will still keep you warm. But with the cold weather anyway, no one wants to put anything cold in their mouth and so you can just do hot coffee. For real effect, black coffee is best.

Apple cider and Cinnamon

We have seen people using apple cider for purposes of losing weight. But combining apple cider with cinnamon to make a hot beverage gives you the warmth needed for the cold season. Begin your day with a hot cup of apple cider every day or drink it on a cold evening as it does not only keep you warm but healthy as well.

Ginger tea

It has a great taste, it’s healthy and will also keep you warm. You can buy ginger tea leaves or ginger powder and mix them up when making your tea. Ginger is also an antioxidant that will keep you healthy.

Lemon tea

Who doesn’t love that sourness combined with the sweetness of lemon tea? All you need is get some lemons from the market and squeeze them to your black tea and you will have the tasty beverage that will leave you warm.

It’s also important to keep on drinking these hot beverages in this cold season to keep yourself hydrated since your body hardly asks for water at such moments.