Citizen’s beauty pageant and host seems to be as occupied with motherhood as it seemingly is her in-thing right now.

The spectacular TV host went to her Instagram account and she just had something sweet and educative to share with her fellow mothers. She had something to advise her fellow mums on how to get rid of baby fat and also provided a lasting remedy to sagging blossom.

She wrote about her journey before and after getting her first child Josh. She admits that Josh was a heavy feeder but thankfully the more she breastfed him, the more she lost her tummy. She advised mothers to breastfeed their children at intervals where otherwise one breast may end up sagging. And the interesting bit she says she did not work out until a year later.

The sensational Lilian Muli has been flaunting her bump in the most adorable clothing exercising her fashion skills. However, she still wears her shorts and dresses once in a while.

We wish her all the best in the journey of her second born.