Rapper cum singer Nyashinski has lately been making headlines in the country. Most of the time it’s about his good music and other times…well just a lot of controversial stories.

A few weeks ago the Nyashinski was rumored to be the artist who demanded for Ksh 1 million to appear on an interview. The story shared on a popular news outlet left many questioning how the artist would pull such a stunt especially after he had received so much support from the media.

He however maintained his silence until just recently when he opened up about the story. Speaking exclusively to popular news outlet Nyashinski denied the story saying;

 “Its not true, going for interviews helps my brand and my music, i can’t shoot myself on the leg, it doesn’t make sense, someone was given the wrong information. I’ve never asked for even a shilling. I’ve never asked for money to do interviews, those are just stories,”

So is someone trying to ruin Nyashinski’s image? Well…we can’t be too sure but in the past we have seen fans complain about his ‘superstar’ attitude.