Celebrities have always been victims of fraud day in day out and this time, Otile Brown, famous coastal musician, gets caught up in the mess. He says he has dealt with conmen enough times with no success to find them.

There has been an account with a woman who poses as Fena and the post goes to explain that Otile Brown has opened a new branch of selling shoes and he is looking for employees. It also promised a monthly salary of Shs 17,000 and the interesting bit was that the employer would get free accommodation.

Otile was definitely frustrated about the whole thing.  He saw it best to give his fans a clear sign of the fraudsters and confirmed that he had no knowledge about the whole issue.He wrote,” am tired of chasing and catching these conmen.. maze can we just try to be wise  and that’s not fena btw .. this is my only official instagram page and on facebook i only run a page with 78,000 followers .. hizo mbili 2 pekee yake maze , kua mjanja jamani .. nikiwa na ujumbe au matangazo yoyote ntayafanya pitia hizi page .. mtu akijifanya kua mimi mwambie apige whatsapp video call uhakikishe”.