Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. That is an everyday phrase that one homosexual Letoya Johnstone believes in.


Letoya has received mockery and hatred from many people but one he remembers was when he wanted a Radio job. He was told he was too ugly during an interview he went to.


She said in one of her posts, “i was told on the radio while i was doing my interview on kiss 100 that i was too ugly. that if i wanted to be transwoman then i was to look like michael scofield of prison break. i know people love comparison and labels beauty to be a certain way. i might not be your beautiful but that does not mean that if i step into that beauty shop then i cannot be your beautiful standard. do not get me wrong but i do not do things to attract anyone. i am just a queen in my own kingdom and it is my territory that i guard. if given an opportunity to kill my haters …… i swear i will kill them with love”.


Well, is it what she says it is or is it just her way to fame?

This reportedly has been a publicity stunt.

She has been posting photos of herself and friends on social media.