Justin’s alleged friend Baskin is said to have the spent the night with Justin after the concert date on 20th March. But the sorry singer isn’t ready to move on yet. In fact, the superstar is always talking about Selena and seems he isn’t letting go of her anytime soon.

The two lovers who are on a break have been silent but Selena can’t just wait to get back to the states and catch up with what has been going on with Justin.

Selena, who was done with working on herself left Australia for home very frustrated after seeing Justin with another woman.

But, we don’t think the love between the two lovebirds is lost yet.

Justin has been working towards a sustainable relationship with his lover and not anytime going to give himself to any woman.

Selena is willing to give an ear and get to the climax of everything. They both aren’t ready to let go of each other yet.