The TV host well known for her well-mastered Swahili and utterances is yet to welcome another baby. Mwanaisha took to Instagram and posted photos of herself though not clearly seen probably because most celebrities keep off the public to avoid unnecessary chaos. She held the bulging tummy in her hands and put on a large smile.

One celebrated Tv Anchor, Lilian Muli who is as well pregnant is seen commenting on Mwanaisha’s post. Mwanaisha replies and confirms it as she writes,”me too, nakutafuta tunywe maji na maziwa soonest…since it’s the only thing we are allowed to take siku hizi..”

Mwanaisha is married to former politician Danson Mungatana and together they have had kids before. Although Danson is married to Mwanaisha, there was a time back when he graced headlines because he also had a kid with former Miss Kenya, Cecilia Mwangi who claimed to be Mwanaisha’s co-wife. Mwanaisha however denied claims that she was a co-wife and cleared the rift as the only wife to the giant politician.  Cecilia walked away and has since raised their kid on her own.

As Mwanaisha welcomes another life in her world, friends and family cannot just wait to see her bundle of joy.