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Kenyan DJs goes wild with #StopArrestingDjs after a video of one of them being arrested went viral online. (Video)

The hashtag ‘Stop Arresting Deejays’ is currently trending after two deejays, Rigz and Tremor were arrested last weekend.

Other DJs have come out to condemn this action, revealing the many arrests they have had to go through in the past.

Deejay Bonez says the team doing this operate under NEMA’s guidance, something that NEMA has since denied.

“THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!! Every weekend, DJ’s from all over NAIROBI are arrested while trying to make a living and put food on their tables the way they best know how and For the next hour, they were driven around in the back of a city council pickup like Thugs and hooligans to various other pubs arresting other Djs. The team arresting operate under NEMA, (a claim which NEMA officials heavily deny) and that they were making arrests for sound pollution in the clubs”

Bonez says the operation is headed by one Mbaya, who asks for upto Ksh 200,000. He called upon governor Mike Sonko and Senator Johnson Sakaja to take action.

“However, they leave the club owners and arrest the vulnerable young Djs. The Djs are then blackmailed and extorted for amounts ranging between 30k-200k, failure to which, they will end up sleeping in a cold hard cell for a few days with nothing booked in the OB. The good club owners will help get you out. The bad ones will switch off their phones. The operation is always led by the same individual who goes by the name, Mbaya. We are now appealing to @sonko @sakaja @ (everyone else) to help this resolve this situation by sitting with our represent”

The deejay accompanied this post on IG with a video showing a deejay being arrested.

Replying to DJ Cray Intronix on twitter, Sakaja says he has taken up the matter.

Check it out;