A total of Kes 9.6 million was raised by Kenyans towards the treatment of Gladys Kamande. Only Kes 5 million was spent on Gladys’ treatment.

The remaining amount was a serious bone of contention between Gladys and funds drive manager Ndugu Nyoro. The two parties finally agreed to split the money with Kes 2 million given to Gladys for her future hospital travels and the balance of Kes 2 million was given to assist other Kenyans in need of medical intervention.

Kenyans think Gladys is using the Kes 2 million given to her to fund her expensive lifestyle. Photos of Gladys slaying have been widely shared on social media.

Some people claim Gladys Kamande has even bleached her skin. Netizens were stunned when Gladys’ latest photos were shared on Facebook.

“B**ch been slaying with our mchango money like nobody’s business kwanzia riverroad mukorongo skin bleaching but karma is a dish best served cold hio generator usiweke mbali your days are numbered soon utajua hujui,” wrote Facebook user Muhiki Wamikosi on Kilimani Mums.