Kevin Obia, a businessman finally speaks about anA1 Entertainment lauch event that was interrupted by the (National Environment Management Authority) and the County Askari’s few days ago,that could have otherwise been interpreted as a political move.


The event he says was going on well until they stormed in and arrested Shaffie and Kevin. They brought everything to a stop where drinks and snacks were being served .The rest were ordered out to which they were threatened to be arrested if they did not follow the order.

The event had guests like CMB Prezzo, Sean Andrew; Kibaki’s grandson, Nick Ruto;son of the Vice-President of Kenya, Otile Brown among others.

After their arrest, the big event was later moved to Kiza Launch. Shaffie Weru and Kevin showed up later where they treated their guests with drinks.

“Upto now, we cannot really explain what happened as no one bothered to dig deeper. However, the Company is up and functional”. Obia disclosed.