On Thursday,5th April, Mishi Dorah became the subject of criticism when she flaunted her natural look on Instagram and captioned it, “corn raw affair…”

But this was not welcomed by fans as she had maybe thought. She looked all different from the Mishi of Nairobi Diaries. Fans couldn’t help but pick apart the photo.

Mishi is known is one who covers her face with foundation and is ever on make-up. Fans did not well embrace her natural look. Most of the comments she got would critique her face as she is not what fans have been seeing on screen.


As she is known to be the queen of targeting an eye for one shot on her, she went ahead to tell those who had an issue with her to ‘hug a cactus’.

Not long ago, Mishi had picked up a fight with the single mother and Dj Pierra online in a WhatsApp group. She hurled insults at her but later realized that Pierra had not broached about any disagreements. Pierra had sworn to take the matter to court until she apologized.