Investigations into the Moi girls fire has now revealed that the arson was planned during the August holidays on a whats App group. The members of the group were five students from the institution.

The information was extracted from a phone belonging to a 14 years old girl who is the main suspect in the ongoing investigations.

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Main Suspect in Moi Girls fire tragedy (PHOTO/

The girl is said to have threatened to raze down the dormitory because her parents had failed to transfer her to her another school. Thread of messages extracted from the group shows that the suspect was the most vocal in the group.

Investigations further revealed that 31st August had been the initial date set for the plan’s execution but was aborted because there was a lot of movements that night. The plan was moved to September second, the fateful date that 9 students lost their lives.

According to detectives’ findings, the fire spread quickly because sanitizers, detergents and perfumes were used to accelerate the fire.