Siaya Senator and Senior Counsel James Orengo has scrapped out claims connecting him to Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Muilu and Isaac Lenaola.

In a petition by Derrick Ngumu, Orengo was mentioned to having met the two Judges, however he termed the move as scandalous.

“I have never approached a judge in court or in their chamber to seek favours. Therefore, the petition against the judges over these claims should be treated with contempt it deserves.

“If I were to meet deputy chief justice Muilu in the streets and without robes, I would not even recognize her, ” stated the Senior Counsel.

Speaking in Naivasha, Orengo clearly said that the only judges he personally knew were Njoki Ndung’u, Jackton Ojwanga and Mohammed Ibrahim, citing he met them either in school or in their course of duty.

He also clarified that his sister is called Florence Adhiambo.
The attack on the judges and NASA leadership was also dismissed by Miguna Miguna who said he now believes the August 8 general elections were stolen in favour of Uhuru Kenyatta.
Gem Constituency MP Elisha Odhiambo termed the alleged affidavit as a greatest war waged against the judiciary by the State.
Another lawyer, Nelson Havi, fired a shot and proclaimed that justices Njoki Ndungu and Jackton Ojwang were under Jubilee manipulation and that they had failed to coerce Lenaola to their side.
ODM director of communications Philip Etale who was also said to have used his phone on behalf of Raila Odinga poked holes in the allegations. He termed the claims as petty while he maintained that the resolve for change was even stronger.