Days after many bus owners plying the Nairobi-Mombasa route complained of the Jubilee government running their businesses into the ground, President Uhuru Kenyatta moved swiftly to assure them of their businesses and even informing them of his new plans for them.
As previously reported, after Uhuru launched the Madaraka Express on Wednesday, May 31, bus owners expressed their concern over how their businesses will be affected by the low train fares. “The President should have considered us because we have invested heavily in the transport sector. It will definitely run our businesses into the ground,” said Mombasa Raha and Buscar Director Abubakar Said.
Speaking at State House Nakuru on Sunday, June 4, to over 1,000 public transport players in the country, Uhuru told them that their jobs are not under threat following the launch of the train. “We will instead create more opportunities for you. I have directed the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to put up a matatu terminus at every SGR station to facilitate ease of transportation. The public transport sector plays a key role in our economy and we will always work to facilitate its operations,” said Uhuru as quoted in Daily Nation.
Aside from that promise, Uhuru also announced that his government will construct roads across the country to open up areas for their buses to operate. “For example, there were only three buses plying the north eastern route but today, we have over 30 because we improved the roads,” added Uhuru.
He also promised them that the National Treasury will streamline taxation so that they will be able to buy vehicles at lower prices which will in turn reduce fare rates. In return, on behalf of stakeholders, Matatu Owners Association Chairman Simon Kimutai endorsed President Uhuru for re-election on August 8.s