Self proclaimed Billionare Steve Mbogo is without a doubt one of the lucky few enjoying life with from a silver platter. Steve Mbogo came to the lime light last year after he spent 10 million in his birthday and more to it he hired a yacht for Ksh 40 Million in Dubai for a single weekend just to party with well endowed celebrities like trey songs. The youthful 29 year old Steve is spotted cruising around with top range vehicles mostly associated with the high and mighty.
Well it’s a throwback Thursday and Steve decided to share some of his photos when he was a toddler when he had no idea he could become the STEVE he is today. Judging from the photos below its evident enough to conclude that Steve Mbogo has risen from a humble background and has swam to riches despite the source of his massive wealth remains a mystery
See photos:

mbogo toto3 mbogo toto2 Mbogo toto1