NTV’s beautiful hostess Tracy Wanjiru has finally let her lover be known to the public after keeping her life off the public for a very long time. Many had tried to dig deeper with no success of knowing Tracy’s status.

The two were spotted at a popular Nairobi wet hole where they had attended the launch of an entertainment company. They were seen together at the event.

Their relationship was first made public when Martin, Tracy’s co-host in Teen Republic, posted photos of Tracy and lover kissing and cuddling and tagged himself as the ‘third party’.

His name is Michael Kebedem and he is a very good-looking man belonging to the bearded gang. This means that they had been dating all along only that the both of them chose to keep it private.

Earlier on, Tracy was believed to have been dating famous RnB star Trey Songz. However, she has always denied the claims in her interviews.

It is a closed path for the team mafisi who couldn’t keep their eyes off her. We wish Tracy and her man nothing but love for them.