Ugandan songstress and former Tusker project fame actor is not a happy woman. This is after a reknown Ugandan tycoon, Emmanuel Lwasa posted a photo on social media claiming that they were travelling to the United states for a business trip.
In the photo taken by Lwasa, Juliana was seated next to him in a plane. it is however evident that she was asleep.
This did not go well with Juliana and she went ahead to bash him on social media.
“For starters who is this person? People have been asking me about someone and I was not understanding until someone sent me an article.
“You can’t come and take a picture of someone simply because they happen to be sitting next to you on a plane without their permission, and then go ahead and share it implying that I’m traveling with you. “He didn’t even have the courtesy to greet me!!!!!! Let alone request to take a picture with or of me. This is intruding on other people’s privacy and I could sue you for it!!! What the hell is wrong with some people, abantu tebakyalina mpisa??? ”
She wrote.

Here is the picture