Elizabeth Irungu was only deflowered recently – in 2008. She managed to keep her virginity until age of consent when she was chewed by a guy at his parent’s house.

Ms Irungu vividly recalls the day her cherry was popped by a man of Asian origin. She says she was only 18 when she ate the forbidden fruit for the first time.

“The guy who broke my virginity is called Rashid.Yep that’s him in the picture! I remember it was at his mom’s house in South C (i was 18 years old) He was 21 and still living at his parent’s house.Later we had to call his best friend to come help us hide things and wash blood stained things all over before his mom’s car pulled up the drive way! A MESS! 🙆 Mathogothanio!

“I remember after the sex i thought to myself,”fyuuuuks atleast now i can be a whore without having to worry about the pain of the hymen breaking! Thanks Rashid!!!” Wrote Elizabeth Irungu.


Elizabeth further reveals that Rashid promised to marry her after he took away her innocence. She explains that she refused to get married and instead went for more adventure with other men after Rashid cleared the way.

“Him on the other hand was so proud he had gotten a virgin girl all to himself 💪 Ameangukia bikra and he kept promising me how he will wife me up sijui we will get married,nikuwe mwiislamu,tufunge nikhaa yara yara yara! Poor guy i broke his heart sooo badly…See that year i was too busy niki praktisisha hiyo nini to think of ever marrying him 🙁

“Mpka wa leo hii 10 years later,he still tells me akona beef na mimi for hurting his feelings like that 😂 Ati i was suppose to be his wife since he hit it first!!! Woi! Alijionea vituko hiyo mwaka!

“But hata me pia nikona beef na yeye for lying to me ati “kichwa tu babe! Wacha niingize kichwa pekee.Sio uchungu kaa poa nikuonyeshe! Kaa poa” ….Na kumbe hiyo kichwa hainaga mabega!!! 🙆

“Young girls reading this- PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THE ‘KICHWA’ TRICK! It is an old one let me tell you! Hiyo kichwa ikiiingia inafwatwa na mwili mzima-mzima! LIPUNDA PUP! 😮 Usikubali ✋ Issa trick! Issa lie!” Wrote Elizabeth Irungu.