Socialite Vera Sidika might have just unveil the face of the tycoon she is dating. The lady shared s couple of videos on her Instagram page enjoying herself with a certain Nigerian man in Las Vegas on New Years.

Being a New Year and all, Vera Sidika couldn’t hold herself from parading the handsome man on her page. This however confirms that she is not dating a white or African American man as thought earlier.

In a post she uploaded a few weeks ago, the lady revealed that she was now ready to have a baby with her man. Looking at him, one can obviously see why Vera Sidika is ready to start a family with him. However looking closely the fella happens to look like her ex boyfriend, Yommie and the two might have rekindled their love.

Sidika’s ex boyfriend

Though he was living in Burji Khalifa, Vera Sidika exposed the man’s poor standard of living and went on to claim that he was a conman.

Having experienced physical abuse too, Vera Sidika walked out on the guy and a few months later she is back with a Nigerian tycoon.