His name was Vincent Omondi also known as Vince the dancer, when he gave back the money he quickly became popular. Many people were in awe that a street guy would take back that much money back to the owner instead of using it for something else. Unfortunately, Vince is now no more as reports claim that he was found dead in Eastleigh on Tuesday, December 5th 2017.


Image: http://nairobiwire.com

I have just received the sad news of the death of Vince Jawagoro. (His lifeless body was found at Eastleigh today) For those who don’t know him, he is the street boy who was kind enough to return 200k to a stranger who had dropped the same in town on her way to the bank.

Here is her full post:

Many well-wishers at the time had promised Vince so many things, including jobs and a better life than he had on the streets. Fortunately, he was rehabilitated but only to leave rehab and face the hard life. Despite his selfless act, Vince ended up living in Eastleigh with his friend and would earn KSh 300 on a good day in Wakulima market. Besides being a selfless street guy, the 28-year-old was a graduate of the St. Paul University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology. He turned to the streets back in 2008 when his mother passed on and the pressure on him to fend for his family depressed him.

There’s no information about his death only that he was found lifeless in Eastleigh. It is unfortunate to think that his life just ended like that especially because we mostly expected him to have a brighter future. May he rest in peace