In Summary

  • She is seeking divorce after just 40 days in marriage

A 30-year-old woman in Egypt is set to divorce her stingy, 32-year-old husband after he refused to buy her a ‘samosa’.

The 30-year-old woman filed for divorce from her 32-year-old husband after only 40 days of marriage on grounds that he is so stingy that he refused to buy her a popular type of ‘samosa’ in the country called shawarma sandwich on their first and only outing as a married couple.

Speaking before the Family Court in Zananiri, the young woman, known only as Sameeha, said that the shawarma incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

She begged him to take her out for a drink so she could get some fresh air, and he reluctantly agreed. But when she asked for a shawarma sandwich, he flat out refused saying that they had only gone out for a drink, not food.

She had married Ahmed, a teacher, after only knowing him for two months, which apparently wasn’t long enough for her to realize how incredibly stingy he was.

However, his frugal nature became very obvious right after their traditional wedding. Ahmed allegedly told his wife that he hated going out because he viewed it as a waste of money.

When he left for work, he always checked how much bread was left, and one time, when Sameeha ate a loaf of it in his absence, he told her that she was to eat only rice and macaroni until the weekend.