ubberThe unique food App combines drinks and Movies in a visually driven platform that covers your social and personal cravings.
Nikohub; a new social food app developed by Candy n Candy C.E.O’s daughter, ‘’Michelle Kariuki’’, is set to be launched in two weeks time in Africa. Nikohub helps indoor lovers to capture, organize and share good food, drinks and nice movies largely within a trusted network.

uber-1The app’s uniquely designed feature allows the community to find many utilities on Nikohub to be very helpful as it offers practical value that is not currently seen on other social media platforms.
Nikohub is the first social utility app of its kind to help users to order for food, drinks and movies at the comfort of their place with incredible ease, convenience and flexible delivery at your doorstep.uber-2Users are also able to get ideas and suggestions of places to dine, either through social networking or from recommendations of nearby places through a push experience format that showcases actual images shared by the user community.uber3For further features and information on the app, please visit; www.nikohub.com